PaymentMeansCode nomenclator eFactura

Gasiti mai jos nomenclatorul eFactura pentru PaymentMeansCode. Probabil cele mai utilizate metode de plata in Romania vor fi codurile 42 Transfer bancar sau 10 Numerar.

1Instrument nedefinit
2Automated clearing house credit
3Automated clearing house debit
4ACH demand debit reversal
5ACH demand credit reversal
6ACH demand credit
7ACH demand debit
9National or regional clearing
11ACH savings credit reversal
12ACH savings debit reversal
13ACH savings credit
14ACH savings debit
15Bookentry credit
16Bookentry debit
17ACH demand cash concentration/disbursement (CCD) credit
18ACH demand cash concentration/disbursement (CCD) debit
19ACH demand corporate trade payment (CTP) credit
21Banker’s draft
22Certified banker’s draft
23Bank cheque (issued by a banking or similar establishment)
24Bill of exchange awaiting acceptance
25Certified cheque
26Local cheque
27ACH demand corporate trade payment (CTP) debit
28ACH demand corporate trade exchange (CTX) credit
29ACH demand corporate trade exchange (CTX) debit
30Credit transfer
31Debit transfer
32ACH demand cash concentration/disbursement plus (CCD+)
33ACH demand cash concentration/disbursement plus (CCD+)
34ACH prearranged payment and deposit (PPD)
35ACH savings cash concentration/disbursement (CCD) credit
36ACH savings cash concentration/disbursement (CCD) debit
37ACH savings corporate trade payment (CTP) credit
38ACH savings corporate trade payment (CTP) debit
39ACH savings corporate trade exchange (CTX) credit
40ACH savings corporate trade exchange (CTX) debit
41ACH savings cash concentration/disbursement plus (CCD+)
42Transfer bancar
43ACH savings cash concentration/disbursement plus (CCD+)
44Accepted bill of exchange
45Referenced home-banking credit transfer
46Interbank debit transfer
47Home-banking debit transfer
48Bank card
49Direct debit
50Payment by postgiro
51FR, norme 6 97-Telereglement CFONB (French Organisation for
52Urgent commercial payment
53Urgent Treasury Payment
54Credit card
55Debit card
57Standing agreement
58SEPA credit transfer
59SEPA direct debit
60Promissory note
61Promissory note signed by the debtor
62Promissory note signed by the debtor and endorsed by a bank
63Promissory note signed by the debtor and endorsed by a
64Promissory note signed by a bank
65Promissory note signed by a bank and endorsed by another
66Promissory note signed by a third party
67Promissory note signed by a third party and endorsed by a
68Online payment service
69Transfer Advice
70Bill drawn by the creditor on the debtor
74Bill drawn by the creditor on a bank
75Bill drawn by the creditor, endorsed by another bank
76Bill drawn by the creditor on a bank and endorsed by a
77Bill drawn by the creditor on a third party
78Bill drawn by creditor on third party, accepted and
91Not transferable banker’s draft
92Not transferable local cheque
93Reference giro
94Urgent giro
95Free format giro
96Requested method for payment was not used
97Clearing between partners
ZZZMutually defined

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